Thrilling Slots Action in Rage to Riches

Rage to Riches is a game that will appeal to fans of monster films, such as Godzilla and other destructive creatures. The aim of the game is to help the monsters destroy various buildings and the buildings are the games symbols. There are three main monsters in Rage to Riches, with the giant lizard being the most recognisable. A werewolf and ape make up the other two. The rest of the symbols are composed of concrete bricks that the monsters will destroy as the game progresses, with unique destruction animations every time a block is destroyed.

As far as mechanics are concerned, Rage to Riches contains 5 reels and 20 paylines, and is powered by software developer Play N Go. The game is available on most modern browser, but is specifically designed for play on desktop computers. Coins are the currency of Rage to Riches, and free versions of the game start with a fixed amount of free coins that the player can use at their discretion. Real money variants of the game are also available to play, and can be found on a multitude of online casino websites.

Playing Rage to Riches

The symbols in Rage to Riches are concrete blocks, and each has a different value. The values differ, and while the aesthetics of each block are the same in most ways, players can differentiate them with the letter or number on the front of the symbol. The game makes use of the traditional numbers and letters found in other slot games, stylised to fit the theme of the game. The green paytable button found on the right hand side brings up a separate display that shows information about the game, including the values of symbols, as well as the general rules.

There are two main options available in Rage to Riches as far as betting customisation is concerned. The first is the coin value, where players can determine how much they would like each coin to be worth. This is calculated when making the choice of how many coins are used for each spin. Due to the cascading nature of the reels, players will want to keep an eye on the coins used, as it may be different in terms of usage when compared to other NZ slots for real money games.

Rage to Riches Bonus Features

Rage to Riches offers a few different bonus features that can be activated through regular gameplay of the base game. The most common is the triggering of a free spins bonus round. A symbol shown as a scared woman is the scatter needed to trigger free spins, and at least three are needed. Once three have landed, players will receive ten free spins that will be start at the beginning of the next spin. More free spins can be earned during the free spins bonus, up to a maximum of 50.

The main bonus feature of Rage to Riches is the Monster Destruction bonus, where players are able to make one of the monsters destroy a building of their choice. Acquiring five golden stars, which are shown just above the reels, activates this.

Rage to Riches Verdict

Rage to Riches is a game that is best suited for players that love giant monsters, but the bonus features will appeal to everyone.