iPhone Online Sic Bo

iPhone online Sic bo, like traditional Sic bo which can be played at a casino, is played with three dice. This game has its roots in ancient China. It also goes by the names tai sai, dai siu, big and small and hi-lo. An unequal game of chance, this dice game is very, very popular in Asia. Its popularity in Macau is particularly strong.

As the large migration to the United States occurred in the late nineteenth century, immigrants from China brought along parts of their culture. One of these cultural influences was the game of Sic bo. It was not long before Americans were playing the game alongside the Chinese immigrants in the New World. The game spread in popularity from informal back room games to gaming halls and finally into online casino sites. The game also saw a growth in the United Kingdom in the late twentieth century and is now actually legal to play there under The Gaming Clubs Regulations of two thousand and two.

The Game of Sic Bo

The whole basis of iPhone Online sic bo is to guess how the dice will fall. What sounds like a quite simple and straightforward game can actually be very involved. This is especially true considering the myriad of combinations that can be achieved by randomly rolling three dice. The dealer uses a small box which house all three of the dice. He or she then closes and shakes the box. Finally, the dealer will open the box to reveal how the dice have fallen.

The betting is equally as involved, and there are a surprising number of betting options for players who are willing to try their hand at this ancient Chinese game. iPhone Online sic bo betting options are listed below.

Sic Bo Betting

Betting options for iPhone Online sic bo come in thirteen variations with various odds and payouts for each one. The first type of bet is called “big”. The big bet is the combined dice total will be between eleven and seventeen. There is a forty eight point six probability of this happening on any given roll. The odds for this bet are one to one.

The next type of bet for iPhone Online sic bo is called “small”. The small bet is the combined dice total will be between four and ten. The probability and odds are the same as the “big” bet. The next bet is either “even” or “odd”. In this bet, the player is trying to guess whether the dice will land odd or even with the exception of a triple.

The probability and odds of the AFL grand final bets is the same as small and big. The next bet is specific triples. In this bet, the dice must land with one number showing up on all three dice. The probability is point four six percent and the odds are one hundred and eighty to one. This is the lowest probability and odds of any bet. Additional bets include specific doubles, any triple, three dice total, dice combinations, specific double and single number, three single numbers, four number combination, and single dice bet.