Golden Glove Online Casino Slot Guide

The name of this game by Real Time Gaming comes from a term used in baseball, which is probably the favourite game of most Americans. It applies to the player who is a good catcher and therefore wears the golden glove. The symbols are all baseball related, as can be expected, and the player will see the hot dog and the bag of popcorn, the scoreboard letters, the batter’s helmet, the gold trophy, the baseball itself and the Golden Glove.  Golden Glove is part of Real Time Gaming’s Real-Series video slots collection, and is available on all brands of smart phone and tablet like iPad.

This game has five reels and twenty pay lines, but the player can set the number of pay lines he wishes to play, although it may mean missing out on some winning combinations if the number is reduced. The Batter is Golden Glove’s Wild symbols and can substitute all other symbols except the Golden Glove, which is the Scatter. When part of a winning combination, the Batter symbol acts as a multiplier of two times

Many Opportunities for Winning Combinations

Golden Glove has a top fixed jackpot that can be won by combining the Batter Wild symbol with the Catcher symbols to complete a winning combination. A combination with the Catcher but without the Batter only wins half the jackpot amount.

If the player finds three Glove symbols appearing on the reels reading from left to right, he will win nine free games with a multiplier of two times in what is called the Home Run Feature. During the free spins bonus round the letter H I T may appear on reels 2, 3 or 4. If they do appear in the right order, the player will be rewarded with a single, double, triple or a Home Run. For each run the player scores, a prize of twice the wager placed is awarded and the player also receives one free game of the Grand Slam feature. In these free games all prizes won, apart from the run bonus, will be doubled. A Grand Slam can also be hit if the player uses this feature.

Free Spins and Bonuses

If the player has scored runs in the Home Run feature, he will go on to the Grand Slam feature. Each run scored during this feature will award the player with either five times, ten times, twenty five times or even one hundred times the original wager placed. The Grand Slam feature free spins that follow the free spins in the Home Run feature. The Golden Glove Scatter does not appear in either of the free spins feature, and those features cannot be reactivated. The Batter Wild can substitute the letter “I” on reel 3.

A Progressive Jackpot

Wins on different pay lines in Real Time Gaming’s Golden Glove are added together, and the Scatter wins are added to those. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total wager made, and pay line wins are multiplied by the wager placed on each line. Only the highest win on each pay line is paid out.

Another benefit of Golden Glove is the opportunity of a random jackpot win. This may appear at the conclusion of a free spin. Progressive jackpot wins are added to the other wins the player may have gained, so the player may end up with a substantial profit.