A Quick Guide to Playing Miss Kitty Slot from Aristocrat

The Miss Kitty slot game, created by Aristocrat Games, is known for its theme based around an adorable cat character, apparently named Miss Kitty. The pink feline appears frequently in the game, easily recognisable by her enormous eyes, pink fur, and extremely disinterested attitude. She is indeed one of the more lovable characters seen in a slot game, and players will certainly be fond of her in minutes, making the game a success in the visual department. In terms of sound design, however, the game feels a bit lacklustre.

There is a distinct lack of music in the game, and it won’t be long before the player will start to feel as if they have perhaps accidentally switched off the music. This is not he case, however; the game simply has no music of any kind to accompany the beautiful graphics. In the game play department the Miss Kitty slot game consists of five reels and a fifty betting line system, with the lines manually adjustable for maximum strategy. This addition of adjustable betting lines makes the game a more interesting experience then some other modern games, with a greater level of freedom then can be found in other similar games.

Symbols Payouts and Designs

As one would expect in a game based around a pink cat, the symbol designs are all feline themed and extremely cute. The most valuable symbol in the Miss Kitty slot game is a fish, who seems to be well aware of the fact that cats eat fish, given his worried expression. He will pay out a large amount if matched with himself five times, and a more modest amount if matched only three times.

The next most valuable symbol in the game is the bird, followed by the toy mouse, both of which have medium value. Next on the list is the carton of milk, followed by the ball of yarn.

As in various Android pokies, the remaining symbols are the playing card numbers, including nine, ten jack queen, king and ace, all of which payout only a small amount. If one really wants to rake in the loot in the Miss Kitty slot game, however, they must turn their attention to the two bonus symbols.

Miss Kitty Aristocrat Pokies

Bonuses Payouts

Miss Kitty herself is the wild symbol in the Miss Kitty slot game, which seems fitting. She may match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, even if one was not previously possible. For example, Miss Kitty may match with two kings to make a three king payout possible. This makes her an extremely valuable symbol, and the player would be wise to keep an eye on her pink face.

The next symbol the player should look out for is the moon, which acts as a scatter symbol. If matched three times the scatter symbol will grant ten free games, which will payout instantly. During free spins if Miss Kitty appears, she will stick in place for the remainder of the free spins, which guarantees the presence of a wild symbol in all spins that follow. This, of course, makes future matches more likely, and the free spins far more lucrative.